(Written at the start of lockdown before daytime naps stopped)

The clock is set
The time begins
Now that you’re asleep
Ticking down the minutes
Until you wake again
There’s many things to do
Clean the dirtiest part of 
The house
That’s the most noticeable
Cook the next meal
Plan what to do when you wake
And think of what tomorrow 
Might bring
Look up what epoxy resin is
Start making a bug hotel
So it looks exciting enough 
For you to help
Do some work
Finish writing a children’s book
Keep in touch with friends 
And family
Order something from 
Amazon which,
At the time,
Seems impossible 
To live without
Remember to drink water
Sit for 10 minutes 
I see the time
I hear your noise
The countdown theme tune 
Starts in my head
With Carol Vordermon and 
Richard Whiteley 
Singing loudly in my ears
And nap time is finished 
Once more
Da-da, da-da, 

Wild Side

(Written at the start of lockdown)

My wild side looks similar 
To when we went to Glastonbury 
I haven’t showered since Sunday
I’ve worn the same clothes on 
And off for nearly 4 weeks
Apart from my pants
My hair remains unwashed 
Since maybe end of last week
We’re eating what we have 
And buy what we need
I’ve got a suntanned face 
From unexpected sun
I fall into bed completely 
And sleep deeply for a few hours
Then wake with a start 
And rub my eyes 
And put on the same clothes 
And repeat
And repeat
And repeat.
It’s the wild side for now
And it’s becoming normal.

Stop, Look, Listen

(Written during lockdown)

We’ll make play dough
Of all different colours
No you said
We’ll draw rainbow pictures 
And put them all over the window
No you said
We’ll make banana muffins
And have a teddy bears picnic
No you said
We’ll make our own ice lollies
We’ll put fruit in them
No you said
We’ll make a den with boxes
And paint them bright colours
No you said
We’ll paint our face and be animals
No you said
We’ll make a daisy chain necklace
No you said
I mix pink food colouring 
into white sauce 
Just for fun
Don’t do that again mummy
I make a rainbow 
and put it in the window
Take it down Mummy
No I said
I make muffins 
and forget to add the butter
They taste a bit funny mummy
And so we walk on the wall
Around the park
We watch ice cubes melt
You make a nest with cushions
We water the plants
You water the ground 
And make patterns 
To jump over 
You know what you want
The clue to what we do
Is you
Not ideas 
But the real deal
In front of me
That’s the clue
To deciding what we do