(Written during lockdown)

You read your name on your blanket 
Made by Granny 
“That’s the letter 3”
You say as you reach the ‘e’
Your brain tick ticking away
Making connections in curious ways
And it kind of make sense
Without over thinking
“They look similar”
You say.
You burst into a rendition of 
The alphabet song 
At full volume
All signs of sleep
Quickly gone.
Turns to
Lemon Ellow Pea
And I think of Elmer in yellow 
Eating peas.
It kind of makes sense
Without over thinking.
You finally reach Z 
Your head touches the pillow
Still humming away
We say goodnight
And I leave your room
Hoping the alphabet song will follow
So I can throw it out the window 
It’s jingling tune going round in my head
L M N O P L M N O P on repeat
As I walk down the stairs with Elmer 
To find some peas and something yellow.
Wondering if this is lockdown fatigue setting in
Or just regular tiredness
Or if my mind is slightly loosing the plot 
In the world of a 3 year old
Which would kind of make sense
Without over thinking.