Thank you Michael Palin

(Written during lockdown)

Hooray for the Clangers
For Michael Palin’s 
Soothing voice
As he translates Tiny and Smalls Clanger language
With curious accuracy.
He understands the Clangers
And I think I do too
If I could live anywhere else I’d live on 
The Clangers planet
Where the Iron Chicken sings lullabies at bedtime
The Sky Moos flap their 
Ears like wings 
The Singing Flowers help out with Tiny’s orchestra
And the Cloud rains musical raindrops.
“I want to watch the Clangers Mummy” 
“Yippee” I shriek with excitement 
And we bundle ourselves up together 
In front of the fire 
With covers wrapped around us.
You sit on my lap while I smell your hair.
We laugh as Froglets change colour and
Bounce about like you.   
Mother Clanger walks around in a daze like me.
Granny Clanger makes me laugh, 
Sitting on a green pouf meditating
With oversized cotton balls stuffed in her ears.
While Major Clanger invents 
Pointless pieces of equipment 
To try to solve problems.
When there’s a breeze or the Clangers are running 
Their ears flap back and forth
And I laugh and wonder 
Who had the final say 
On their ears flapping that way. 
For 11 minutes we are in harmony 
No rushing, no cross words between us
Just the warm fuzzy feeling 
Of shared enjoyment after a day of 
Riding the rollercoaster of solo parenting.
So thank you Michael Palin 
For allowing myself permission 
To find my inner child 
With my little child in these tricky times.
I believe you live in the Clangers Planet
Maybe one day we’ll see you there.