Noticing Things

The first night away from each other for months. 
You’re staying at Granny’s. 
I’m noticing things which I don’t normally have time to notice.
I notice there are cobwebs on the wall
I notice there’s dust on the skirting boards
I notice the plug in the sitting room makes a high pitched noise
I notice the oven clock sometimes ticks even though it’s not working. 
I notice the tap in the kitchen drips more than I though it did
I notice your hand prints on the sitting room window
I notice a line of crumbs at the edge of the carpet
I notice Suzy sheep poking her head out from underneath the red pouffe
“Hello Suzy, I wonder how long you’ve been there”.
I notice the bump under the bathroom rug 
Which I’ve been stepping on for months,
I realise I have time to investigate. It’s a 5p.
I notice red pen on the sofa cushions
I notice pasta sauce in folds of the curtain
I notice the travel books on the shelves and wonder if we’ll ever use them 
I notice the birds chirping in the evening light
I notice how I’m looking forward to sleeping more than 6 hours in a row
I notice I’m missing you but I know you’re enjoying yourself
And so am I.
I notice I keep reading the same line in my book 
I notice how tired I am
I notice your familiar snuffles as I drift off to sleep even though you’re not here
Snuffle snuffle 
And off I go
To sleep.