Do this, don’t do that

After 2 years of deliberating how to go about having a baby with no partner, Jessie made the decision to go ahead on her own. Poetry became her therapy and helped her stay connected to reality even in moments of despair and helplessness. In humour she found sanity. Jessie’s poems communicate the daily struggles of raising a child solo. As sleepless nights merge into sleepless days, she tries to balance conflicting advice with instinct while finding comfort in a sense of the absurd.

If you would like to contact Jessie please email: or to buy a book please follow this link: Do this, don’t do that

Little Voices is also a book by Jessie. A collection of funny, odd and priceless sentences that have tumbled, fallen and spluttered out of the mouths of primary school aged children. To buy a copy follow this link: http://Little Voices