An Ode to Ivan

(written during lockdown)

“Can we get a toastie Mummy 
 And then an ice cream?”
 You skip along 
 Innocently oblivious to the doom of 
 Drizzly Sunday mornings in the park. 
 “If Ivan is open” I say
 If Ivan is there, all will be fine.
 Ivan who always wears a white T-shirt
 Ivan who doesn’t know our names
 But we know his.
 Ivan who doesn’t know he is a household name
 In our house.
 It’s the only time in our week during this 
 Never ending lockdown
 Where I don’t have to make 
 My own cup of tea.
 He cuts up a chocolate tiffin 
 Into 4 pieces 
 Because I asked him to do that once 
 And he remembered.
 The park is bearable on cold winter mornings 
 With Ivan in his hut.
 A reassuring presence without many words 
 And a cup of tea
 Made for me. 
 That makes me so happy.