Deja Vu

(Written during lockdown)

I think I say the same things at roughly the same time 
Every day.
Often starting the day with
“Poppet it’s early, come and lie down in my bed for a bit”
“I won’t lie down I’ll sit up” you say
“Ok sit up and play with your toys while I lie down”
“I want you to sit up too Mummy”
And so the day begins
When I’ve given into the fact I won’t go back to sleep, 
We get up.
We do a 15 minutes Joe Wicks high intensity workout 
“Mummy I wonder if he’ll have a pony tail today”
And you’re pleased to see he does.
“Grab a drink Mummy”
“Hang on a sec, we’ve only just started”
“Come on mummy you can do it”
You say as you push my back and poke my ear
I say thank yous to keep you in a good mood
While trying to keep my cool.
After battling my way through physical harshness
And flashes of intense emotions
At an unreasonable hour in the morning
Our workout is complete.
More predictable interactions anchor our morning
“Can I watch the Clangers?”
“After breakfast”
“No now”
“After breakfast, it’ll be ready in a minute”
And we continue
Our predictable morning routine
With 5 minutes to go before we leave for nursery
You predictably need a poo 
I try to keep my cool
“Chill with the will Mummy”
I think to myself I didn’t know I said that
Enough for you to remember it.
We finally tumble out of our front door
“What a dark, grim day” you say quickly followed by
“It’s only rain, we can still have fun”
And you skip off down the road
“Mind the poo, go around it” you shout
And I hear my voice in your voice
As the day has begun, ready to set sail 
For another day
The same day
Just a few hours on.