(Written during lockdown)

I’ll be there in  a minute
Just coming
Hang on a tick
Nearly there
Wait a min
On my way
I’ll meet you over there
Two mins
Give me two seconds
I just need five mins
Ok yep just...
Two ticks
Just need to do this
Two secs
Hang on.
You’re learning the art of
And so am I.

Campervan trip #1

“What will I eat mum”
You say in your sleep
Our first night away in the van.
The next words are at 4am 
When you start a cheerful
Of ‘Father Christmas 
Is Coming Down The Chimney’.
This time not asleep
But fully awake.
“Sleep some more please poppet”
I say
“I can see a bird on the fire pit
Is the fire out?”
You say
“Where are all the men’s and woman’s?
I like you mummy,
I love you mummy,
We love each other mummy”
“I love you poppet.
Please can you go back to sleep”
“But it’s light”
You say
“It’s daytime”
You say
“Not yet pickle,
People are still asleep.
It’s still very early in the morning”
“It’s quiet mummy”
“Yes it is.
Please go back to sleep”
“We can sing together,
Sing with me”
And so this carries on 
For what seems like a very long time
I drift in and out of sleep
Like a fever
My body so heavy
It feels like a pack of sand
And I can’t work out how I’ll function
Until bedtime.
By lunchtime we’ve done everything
And you ask to go to sleep
And you’re still asleep 2 hours later.
But I think of the night to come
And the panic
Of being woken again
I need to wake you up
But you’re like a pack of sand
Dreaming of parallel lands.

My Beach

(Written during lockdown)

I saw the sea today 
Madeira Drive closed 
Open only for exercise 
I ran down the middle 
Of the road
Along the white lines
And looked at the sea
And my beach
Every day I swam
With you growing in my tummy
Now you’re at nursery
Running about
While I run to the sea
Before I start work
I couldn’t imagine that before
But it’s happening
And one day you’ll be at school
Running about 
While I run to the sea
Before I start work
But that’s not happening yet
So I’m going to choose
Not to imagine it
So I keep on running.