Finding Fun

Did you know my laugh echoes in the darkness 
You say on a wet and windy evening
As we find ourselves in the desolate park
Your face beaming as you get on the swing
Oblivious to the depressing playground with not much in
And the cold, dark December feeling
The bit between Christmas day and New Year.
Wonky Donkey you shout
As I lift the swing higher and higher
And move it about to make it wobble
Your pink neon unicorn hat making its way through the air
You wee in a hedge
And we start walking home
With your laugh echoing in the darkness
The day before new years eve.
We spontaneously go to a pub 
For half a pint of lager and a packet of crisps
And an apple juice 
You make the man laugh behind the bar
Flicking up the ears on your unicorn hat 
And he says you’ve made his day
And I’m glad we ventured out 
To buy bin liners
And visit the park
Needing a break from the inside
On this dark, December evening
And we walk home, our laughs echoing in the darkness.