Do the numbers, do the numbers you say
After you spin, twirl and wiggle along the corridor
While I fill up your bath
Craig Revel Hall you shout
4 I reply
Oh no! you gasp
Shirley Something you say
A ten from Shirley, never too early I reply
Yes! You shriek, a smile as wide as your ears
Mokski you say
Anton Du Wotsit you announce
7 I say
Nooo mum say 8 
8 I say
Whoopie! Good old Anton you shout
And you run along the corridor into my arms 
Grinning from ear to ear
Do it again, do it again you demand
But this time I want 40!
And so it goes on 
Until the bath is full
And then it’s my turn
And Craig gives me a 1
And you fall about laughing
And you can’t believe Craig would do that
Even though you’re being Craig
And so it goes on
And on
And on
And on

And on.