Functioning at 30%

I’m functioning at 30% today
My head feels back to front and my body the wrong way
We’re at the fountains in the park
First time of the year
A sign for summer to be here
I watch a parent as he runs around with his children, shrieking with them, laughing with them, spraying them with water to their delight
Guilt washes over me as I’m not feeling quite right
Heavy eyes still not quite open
As the day began early with you chattering away in my ear
Bouncing into bed with a cheer
My expectations of the fountains set too high
Hoping it would buy me a bit of time to rest and do my best after a busy week  
To sit and just be without doing things constantly
But you want to play and of course you do so off we go into the unknown of the fountains at the start of summertime.