Nearly 5

Am I nearly 5 yet mummy?
Mum I’m 5 soon
Mum I’m 4 and a half 
Actually I’m 4 and three quarters
Mum is my birthday in 6 weeks?
It must be 5 weeks now
Is it 4 now mummy?
Mum my birthday is soon isn't it?
On my next birthday will I definitely be 5?
I won’t be 4 anymore soon mummy
Mum did you know 5 is actually older than 6?
Mum is 5 older than 100?
Will I get a ticket from the queen? 
Mummy when will I be older than you?
Mum I’m nearly 5 now aren’t I mum?
Will my birthday always be in July?
Mum most of my friends are 5 and that’s not fair
Mum I want to be older than they are
Mum some of my friends say they’re 6 
Mummy when will I be 6?