Who Are You?

Are you Miss, Mrs or other?
Kev at the garage asks
No I’m a mother
I think to myself
Just do the MOT Kev, what does it matter.
But if you really want to know then
I’m a solo mum
Who didn't find the one
I was determined not to give up
And just sit on my bum
So I went to a clinic
They gave me a cup of tea
They showed me a list of donors
Suitable for me
Quite a different scenario 
From what I thought it would be 
A choice I made 4 years ago
Is that the information you really want to know?
So no Kev
As nice and kind as you seem
I’m not a Miss or Mrs or a flavoured ice cream
I’m a person with a name just like you
I know you’re just doing what you’re told to do
But I’m only here to get our campervan fixed
I didn’t expect an internal dialogue thrown into the mix.