The 3am Wee Dilemma

I wake from a deep dream and need a wee
No need to look at my clock it’s probably just past three
I think about whether to go
The floorboards will creak if I tiptoe past your room
The noise of my wee might make you want to wee 
Then it might overflow in your nappy
And wake you up.
If you wake now you might not go back to sleep
I wait a bit longer, I’m not sure what for
I still don’t move
Now It’s probably nearly four 
Two more hours and you’ll start to stir
My mind starts to stir
A mash up of thoughts and ideas
Leaving a blur
And I still need a wee.
If I leave it any longer
It’ll start to get light
Then I may as well wave goodbye to the night
Five is danger zone
If you wake then you’ll insist on not being alone 
I could have been there and back by now
It takes less than a minute
Tick tick tock
I want the clock to stop
I still don’t get up
And I still need a wee.
I’ve never really procrastinated before
But now it seems I do but only between the hours 
Of three and four
At last I get up 
I do my best not to make a noise
I’m there and back in record time
The relief heavy as my pillow engulfes my head
Feeling the safety of my bed
I hear you cough and snuffle about
I lie still and try not to breathe
That’s not going to help
Then no sound
Back in the safe zone
No need to look at my phone
To check the time
Comforted by knowing the next couple of hours
Are hopefully just mine.