Locked Together

(Written during lockdown)

I know there’s a world 
That goes on around us
But for now I am in it
With you, my 3 year old.
Absorbed, emerged, sunk in.
Deep down, under water.
The rest of life continues
And every now and then 
I come up for air.
It’s been months now
I’ve been waking up between 5 and 6am
I’ve been going to bed by 9.30pm
To make sure I get enough sleep.
Trying to read a few pages of a book
Before collapsing into a deep
Brief sleep
Which keeps me going,
Until the next night.
I’ll look back at this time
As the intense, engulfing torrent 
That was lockdown.
Working at home, living at home
Trying to be present with you
At home
Knowing that a tidal wave of work
Hides behind the laptop
And the work phone and I'm always
Within earshot of its shrill ring.
Put that out of my mind, my head
My busy head full of thoughts
Flying along 
Like lorries on a motorway
Looking for the next service station
Where they can pull in and take a break
But that break 
Is still a little bit far away.
Maybe the next week
Or week after.
Come on lockdown, ease up
Before my mind freezes up
And me and you
Merge into one.