(Written during lockdown)

I see the white wall 
In the garden 
That I painted 
In the summer. 
I stare at it 
Each time we eat. 
In the white wall 
I see festivals
Trips in the van 
Dancing in fields 
Picnics with family 
The sky as I go running
And swims in the sea 
With the sun shining 
In the early morning.
Daydreams happen 
In that white wall 
Just for seconds 
At a time. 
In between conversations 
About Elsa, Arna and Olaf 
Or chatter about our plans 
For the day ahead, 
Who we’re going to see 
Or what we have done. 
It’s my white square 
Of white wall 
That I see as I 
With you always 
Chirping away.