Batch Cooking

Sunday cooking 
Batch cooking
Make enough for the week cooking
Thinking ahead cooking
Trying to cook as quickly as I can cooking
Saving time in the days to come cooking
Saving money cooking
Let’s have something from the freezer cooking
At least it will be home cooked cooking
‘Please play’ you say ‘and stop your cooking’
‘Just need a little bit longer’ I reply 
‘What about me’ shouts the oven
‘The oil is ready now’ says the frying pan
‘Chop me up, chop me up’ chirp the vegetables
‘Play, play, PLAY’ you shout 
The cacophony of demands ringing in my ears
From the real to the imaginary
Everything blurs
I fast forward to the days ahead
When I wake up from my bed
And choose something from the freezer
To help life feel a bit easier 
Batch cooking all the way
Just need a little bit longer and then I’ll play.


I drop something
You say Shit
You laugh knowing it’s a word not for you 
I think oh no I’ve said it too many times
A bit later you drop a spoon
You say What the Hell 
I think oh no I’ve said it too many times
The next day you’re struggling to put on your shoes
You said Ucking Nell
I think oh no I’ve said it too many times
I try hard to say 
Sugar Plum Fairies
It doesn’t have the same Umph.

Camping # 2

(to be read after Camping # 1)

Why are we camping   
I ask myself
In the heat

Sweating my arse off
Swearing into the air
Frustration right there

The shelter needs to go up
You need food
We need to find the water tap

I need the toilet
And a cup of tea
They will have to wait

The heat rises in the air
And so do your emotions
You shout, getting it all out

We could return home
Sleep in our own beds
Eat at a table

But we are here
In a field
Out of choice

In the air that feels like
An oven
And we will have fun

Yes we will have fun
I promise
Once I've got this f**king