Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Crash

You’re like a windup toy 
That winds in the night
And flies into action early in the morning
You’re like a windup toy
With emotions
Big emotions 
Zooming through the air towards me with so much force that I have to hold onto things to stop me from whizzing away
You’re like a windup toy
A dog with a bone
A bat with a ball
Never stopping until the lights go off
You’re like a windup toy which tells me it’s every move
I’m going over here mummy
I’m drawing you a picture mummy
I just did a fart mummy
I’m hungry mummy
Windup toys don’t have a pause button 
Windup toys suddenly move when I thought they had run out of energy, making me jump
Windup toys don’t shout as loud as possible at 6 in the morning.
I’m glad you’re not a windup toy really but sometimes it would be good just to have time to pause so I can windup too.