Say It In Three

How many conversations can I have 
while I walk down the never ending 
stream of parents at pick up.
Moving with the ebb and flow 
of the tide of tired children 
hot on my heels, eager to get home.
There is no time for Hello how are you
How is work going, oh what do you do?
Dive in there, forget the small talk
Exchanging the headlines, turning while I walk.
Three word sentences seem to work quite well
Questions and answers flying, no time to dwell
Birthday meal successful?
Sleep any better? 
Roof on shed!
Bit chilly - park?
Sausages and mash
Sea swim Friday?
Nice jacket - new?
The Tourist, iplayer
Meet outside gate
Early pizza - pub?
Done test, negative
Finally I’m at the front of the queue
Your smiley face appears in the door 
Cardigan, book bag, ear muffs spilling out of your arms 
Together once more
I love you.