‘Want to come in your room’ 
you say at 5am
Oh no, I think, 
please, please not again 
‘Want to come in your room’ 
you say with a whine
Be strong I think, 
she’s not coming in this time

I say ‘just lie down 
for a little bit more
I’ll come back soon 
and open the door’
‘No, no 
want to come in your room’

You voice echoes in the dark
‘Ooh Little Roo, 
it’s such an early start’
‘I’ll lie down and go to sleep’ 
you say with a plead
2 years ago you used to wake 
for early feeds

The pattern of waking changes 
from time to time
At the moment 5am 
is not a favourite of mine
‘But no Little Roo 
it’s just too early’
‘But I want to come in your bed, 
it’s so cosy’

‘Well we can make a deal 
which is you must lie down
Please be quiet for a while, 
it’s too early for sound’
‘Yes yes’ you say, 
‘I wuv you Mummy’
That makes it harder 
and also quite funny
‘Come on then’ 
I say with a yawn
We clamber into my bed 
where it’s still a bit warm

I lie down and say 
‘lie down too’
‘Books, milk and animals’ 
‘Oohhhh Little Roo
We made a deal, 
I just need a bit longer’
‘Nooo’ you say 
leaving me no time to ponder
And so the day starts 
too soon once again
Better plan the day 
and find a friend.