I don’t need anything
I would say regularly
She’ll live outside and run nappy free
We’ve got the birds, the sky, the lime tree 

I don’t need anything
I would say regularly

She’ll have enough to look at
And she can play with me
I don’t need anything
Oh how wrong I could be 
About needing anything
Apart from the giant lime tree
Just enjoy the moment
People say
I hear this 
Almost everyday
It won’t last forever
I do know that
Soon she’ll be painting her nails
And moving out of the flat
It’s all very well
I think in my head
But when I’ve had forty minutes sleep
All I can think about is bed
And I do enjoy the moment
Just not every one
There are so many in a day
But I do enjoy some
Everything seems to happen
In ten minute bursts
I can put you in the rocking chair
Have a shower and wash my hair
Sometimes I can make breakfast
Occasionally eat it too
And then the time is up
And it’s back to me and you
You laughed today
My heart missed a beat
I couldn’t quite believe it
Fleeting but what a treat

A few days later
You smiled
This time your eyes joined in
Your dimple in your left cheek showed
Oh what a treat
You’re like a little mole
Your eyes tightly shut
Snuffling and sniffing
Burrowing through a sleepy hole